**FILE** More continues to be discovered and revealed as authorities dig deeper into allegations against Sean "Diddy" Combs. (WI photo)
**FILE** More continues to be discovered and revealed as authorities dig deeper into allegations against Sean "Diddy" Combs. (WI photo)

Following the federal raids on the residences of rap mogul Sean 鈥淒iddy鈥 Combs in Miami and New York, the hip-hop community remains shocked by the barrage of disturbing revelations surrounding the music icon. 

The raids, believed to be the culmination of a protracted investigation prompted by a lawsuit filed by Combs鈥 ex-girlfriend, Cassandra 鈥淐assie鈥 Ventura, have brought to light a troubling pattern of alleged sexual misconduct and abuse.

鈥淭his is 100% about Cassie鈥檚 lawsuit,鈥 a well-connected individual in the hip-hop community told The Informer under the condition of anonymity. 鈥淐assie鈥檚 lawsuit wasn鈥檛 just about Cassie being victimized, which she was. Cassie鈥檚 lawsuit gave the police a case with solid, irrefutable evidence.鈥

Ventura鈥檚 lawsuit, which some reports suggested Combs settled for $100 million, initially drew attention to what some industry insiders described as 鈥渃rimes鈥 committed by Combs. 

The Ventura lawsuit exposed Combs as a serial abuser who paid men for so-called 鈥渇reak-offs,鈥 including directing them to assault Ventura sexually. The lawsuit also detailed other forms of violence that sources said immediately caught the attention of law enforcement. 

鈥淲hen this got out, the blowing up cars, the guns stuff, police called Cassie鈥檚 people because they hadn鈥檛 heard anything credible about Puff until then,鈥 the source said. 鈥淭hey told Cassie鈥檚 lawyers in no uncertain terms that they were going to act. Naturally, they did their due diligence and here we are. Puff kids in cuffs, he鈥檚 on the run, and he’s pretty much the modern-day O.J. [Simpson].鈥

While Combs hasn鈥檛 been arrested, media members tracked his private plane to Antigua and other island destinations that reportedly have no extradition treaties with the United States. After the raids, a TMZ journalist spotted Combs being detained briefly by federal authorities at an airport in Miami.

Part of Ventura鈥檚 claims included, 鈥淚n February 2012 鈥 Mr. Combs told Ms. Ventura that he was going to blow up Kid Cudi鈥檚 car and that he wanted to ensure that Kid Cudi was home with his friends when it happened. 

鈥淎round that time, Kid Cudi鈥檚 car exploded in his driveway. Ms. Ventura was terrified as she began fully comprehending what Mr. Combs was willing and able to do to those he believed had slighted him.鈥 Cudi later confirmed the story to the New York Times.

Law enforcement officials confirmed that the investigation encompasses various potential crimes, including sex trafficking and firearms. 

Since Ventura鈥檚 lawsuit, numerous other accusers have made similar allegations against Combs, spanning decades. Lawsuits have detailed alleged coercion, rape, and other forms of abuse by the Bad Boy Records founder. 

Despite Combs鈥 vehement denials, mounting legal battles and public scrutiny prompted him to step down as chairman of his cable television network Revolt.聽

Combs鈥 online marketplace, Empower Global, highlighting Black-owned brands, remains active but currently displays no available products. Earlier this year, Combs opted to retract a lawsuit he had filed against Diageo, a settlement reached with the London-based spirits giant.

In his lawsuit, he alleged Diageo failed to fulfill promised investments in C卯roc vodka and DeLeon tequila, which he had endorsed. Combs asserted that Diageo treated these brands as inferior 鈥渦rban鈥 products and leveled unfounded accusations of racism against the company鈥檚 leadership.

According to court documents, Combs alleged that Diageo executives cited race as a factor in restricting distribution to predominantly 鈥渦rban鈥 neighborhoods. Further, he claimed that some leaders within Diageo harbored resentment towards him for his financial success.

Diageo countered Combs鈥 claims in response, denouncing them as 鈥渇alse and reckless鈥 attempts to extort additional funds from the company. Despite the legal dispute, Combs鈥 reputation suffered a significant blow, mainly after initiating the lawsuit. Subsequently, Diageo assumed full ownership of C卯roc and DeLeon following the lawsuit鈥檚 withdrawal.

After the raids on his homes where authorities handcuffed and temporarily detained two of his children, criticism of Combs intensified. Renowned artists like 50 Cent and former Bad Boy rapper Ma$e publicly condemned his behavior, while resurfaced interviews with superstar Usher have added fuel to the fire. Usher鈥檚 chilling testimony of his time at what he described as 鈥淧uff Flavor Camp鈥 painted a vivid picture of the disturbing atmosphere surrounding Combs.

鈥淚 got a chance to see some things 鈥 I don鈥檛 know if I could indulge and even understand what I was looking at,鈥 Usher recounted in a resurfaced 2016 interview with Howard Stern. Asked whether he would send his own kids to 鈥淧uffy Flavor Camp,鈥 Usher exclaimed: 鈥淗ell no!鈥

Federal authorities have arrested a man described in a recent lawsuit as Combs’ “mule.” TMZ reported that Brendon Paul, 25, was taken into custody on March 25 when authorities stopped the hip-hop mogul at Miami Airport. According to an affidavit, authorities booked Paul on separate drug charges including possession of suspected cocaine and marijuana 鈥 both felonies in Florida.

The website reported that law enforcement happened upon suspected drugs in Paul鈥檚 travel bags. Reportedly, he admitted that the bag belonged to him. Documents from Rodney Jones鈥 lawsuit against Combs described Paul as a close confidant of the Bad Boy entertainer who allegedly handles the star鈥檚 guns and drugs.

Additionally, reports indicated that Combs sold his remaining share of Revolt TV.

The Informer has reached out to Combs and his lawyers. So far, neither have responded. An attorney for Paul couldn鈥檛 immediately be located.

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