Rwandan President Paul Kagame delivers his end-of-year address. (Courtesy of Village Urugwiro)
Rwandan President Paul Kagame delivers his end-of-year address. (Courtesy of Village Urugwiro)

In his end-of-year address, Rwanda President Paul Kagame emphasized that Rwanda remains committed to safeguarding the safety and security of its citizens, regardless of the challenges, The New Times, Rwanda鈥檚 largest daily newspaper, reported on Dec. 30.

Acknowledging the prevailing regional insecurity, the Head of State emphasized the nation’s resilience in the face of criticism, even when unjustified.

鈥淚 want you to know that we can absorb any amount of criticism, however unjustified,鈥 he said. 鈥淲e will always do what is necessary to ensure that Rwandans are safe and secure, no matter what.鈥

Kagame noted that Rwanda will persist in assisting fellow Africans in restoring peace and security, within the country’s means.

He said that challenges are inevitable every year, across the globe, declaring that 鈥渁dversity is just an invitation to become more determined and do more and better.鈥

鈥淚ndeed, despite everything, we are moving ahead strongly, and the statistics confirm this. We will stay on that course.鈥

Kagame noted that the year 2023 provided Rwanda with numerous reasons for satisfaction and gratitude regarding the country’s progress. He said that People from around the world continued to travel to Rwanda for important events, such as Basketball Africa League, Women Deliver, Giant of Africa and the Global Citizen Concert.

鈥淗osting these events creates income and jobs for Rwandans, and develops our country,鈥 he said.

During the year, Rwanda also inaugurated IRCAD, an advanced surgery training center, and BioNTech, a state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing facility.

Kagame noted that the country is emerging as an innovation hub for medicine and health, and looks forward to continuing to build on that.

鈥淭he common ingredient in these partnerships is trust. Because we have trust and confidence in each other, the world responds by entrusting Rwanda with important collaborations.鈥

The Head of State expressed gratitude for the collective efforts of every Rwandan in contributing to the country’s achievements. He also acknowledged the challenges faced in 2023, including issues like flooding and inflation resulting from global events, emphasizing that the nation implemented measures to address the challenges.

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