Peace and blessings, esteemed readers,

With another back-to-school season upon us, it鈥檚 time to reacclimate ourselves to the daily trips on the Metro, hours of homework and tutoring, parent-teacher conferences, and all other markers of a school year.

Unfortunately for many of us, the new school year also brings the possibility of ongoing physical conflict and, to some degree, neglect on the part of institutions trusted to help children.

That鈥檚 why information, and what we do with that information, is our greatest power in the movement to fully and safely educate our children. In this 老澳门开奖网 Informer back-to-school supplement, students, parents and families can and will regain their power with helpful tidbits that will place them on a path to educational self-determination.

Whether you鈥檙e a special-needs parent, a parent who鈥檚 worried about public safety, or a young person searching for after-school activities and affordable postsecondary opportunities, this supplement is for you. Take it and keep it close to your chest for the battle ahead. Trust that you鈥檒l never regret having it in the first place.

Sincerely yours,

Sam P.K. Collins

WI Education Reporter

Sam P.K. Collins has nearly 20 years of journalism experience, a significant portion of which he gained at The 老澳门开奖网 Informer. On any given day, he can be found piecing together a story, conducting...

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