Brian McLaughlin is the co-founder and CEO of Capitol Heights, Maryland-based PlanitWorks. (Courtesy photo)
Brian McLaughlin is the co-founder and CEO of Capitol Heights, Maryland-based PlanitWorks. (Courtesy photo)

Brian McLaughlin, an experienced leader with more than 26 years of professional experience in the nonprofit, public and for-profit areas, has co-founded a business, PlanitWorks, that operates in the booming green energy industry.

鈥淚 want to drive the clean energy revolution into all communities,鈥 said McLaughlin, a Silver Spring, Maryland resident. 鈥淚 want solutions that work for the community, and I want solutions that work for the planet.鈥

McLaughlin is a founding partner and CEO of , an end-to-end energy solutions development company specializing in sustainable housing and renewable energy projects on Tribal (Native American) lands and communities of color. Previously, McLaughlin served as the CEO or executive officer at five separate companies. 

From 2019-2023, as a CEO, McLaughlin did one of the most complex mergers and portfolio acquisitions in the affordable housing industry, creating Enterprise Community Development with a $1.3 billion portfolio, standing among the five largest affordable housing nonprofits in the U.S. and a top 50 developer. He has also served as the assistant secretary of Maryland鈥檚 Department of Housing and Community Development for the state鈥檚 highest-level office in charge of neighborhood-based housing and community investments.

McLaughlin holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University, a master鈥檚 degree in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master鈥檚 degree in economics from American University.

He told the Informer that there aren鈥檛 enough Black entrepreneurs in the green energy field.

鈥淭he renewable energy space is so new,鈥 he said, referring to products such as solar farms, solar rooftops, and geothermal devices. 鈥淏lack entrepreneurs are not exposed to the same information that others have about these new technologies, and there is no group of people out there seeking to help you grow in the industry. As a result, you tend to be shut out and tend to be the last to learn about it.鈥

McLaughlin said PlanitWorks, based in Capitol Heights, Maryland, will teach people about the green energy economy and 鈥渢ell people about it.鈥 He said his company will develop a specialty in aiding HBCUs in making their buildings and physical facilities greener.

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