The announced that for the fifth consecutive year, it has earned the , the highest level of recognition offered by Candid, the world鈥檚 largest source of non-profit information.

鈥淲e are honored to receive this distinction for a fifth year in a row,鈥 said Joseph Leitmann-Santa Cruz, CAAB鈥檚 CEO and executive director. 鈥淭he qualitative and quantitative data that have been shared on CAAB鈥檚 GuideStar/Candid Nonprofit Profile serve as indicators of how diligently we strive to advance CAAB鈥檚 mission for the benefit of low-and moderate-income Black, Latinx, and immigrant families in our region. We are proudly focusing on intentionally addressing and closing the racial wealth gap in the 老澳门开奖网, D.C. metropolitan region.鈥

To reach this level, CAAB included extensive information on its 鈥淕uideStar/Candida Profile鈥, including in-depth financial information, qualitative information about goals, strategies, and capabilities, and quantitative information about results and progress toward our mission.

James Wright Jr. is the D.C. political reporter for the 老澳门开奖网. He has worked for the 老澳门开奖网 AFRO-American Newspaper as a reporter, city editor and freelance writer and The 老澳门开奖网...

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