A鈥檍a Wilson, a South Carolina superstar, entered a new rank as one of four WNBA players to have an active shoe deal. The 6-foot-4, center for the Las Vegas Aces will now be recognized across the globe as fans venture out to purchase the set to release in stores by 2025.

鈥淵ou thought we鈥檇 sleep on an SEC champion, national champion, [No. 1] draft pick, five-time All-Star, U.S. Olympic gold winner,鈥 the Nike promo read ahead of the shoe鈥檚 debut. 鈥淵ou thought. Of course A鈥檍a鈥檚 got a shoe.鈥

She was last spotted in her hometown of Columbia with personalized merch with the words, 鈥淥f Course I Have a Shoe Dot Com鈥 at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina.  

Wilson returned to the courts at the Colonial Life Arena for the Aces’ preseason game against Puerto Rico on May 11. That night she scored 27 points and earned a total of 14 rebounds for the win. Another display of the positive reputation she hopes her shoe will empower others to build. 

“I hope when girls wear this shoe, they believe in themselves,” Wilson shared in a news release. “I want them to hopefully lace them up, feel powerful and understand that nobody can stop them from their dreams. Set those goals high. Go get them 鈥 that’s the biggest thing.”

These are lessons she once learned from her mom. Wilson shed light on her childhood journey through her new book, “,” published in February of this year.聽

鈥淢y mom never really sugarcoated anything for me. I really appreciate that because later in life when I鈥檓 facing Becky Hammon or Dawn Staley, they didn鈥檛 sugarcoat anything,鈥 Wilson wrote.聽

The honesty led her to accomplishments that were recognized by leaders across the country. Last week, at the White House, the vice president called Wilson one of the 鈥渂est players in the world,鈥 while commending the Aces for winning the WNBA title.

The White House celebration proved to be a platform for change as Wilson used the stage to advocate for equal pay and more investments in women鈥檚 sports. She sent a message to young girls while speaking to interviews outside the ceremony.

鈥淕ive yourself some grace and understand that whatever room you鈥檙e in and whatever table you鈥檙e sitting at, you deserve to be there and step up,鈥 she said proudly looking ahead to another successful season. 

Her next game is May 14 at 7 p.m. with viewing on . 

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